San Francisco – Book Review

Lucien and I
By Danny Wynn
Bright Lights Big City Books, $10.30, 272 pages, Format: eBook

David meets Lucien at a chance encounter, but little did David know that his enigmatic presence would leave a mark on David’s life and per-sonality. Lucien and I by Danny Wynn is the fictional memoir of Da-vid and Lucien’s friendship, but penned with such brilliance the reader would be led to believe its non-fiction.David never seemed to fit in his family or in his role in the society. By the time adulthood rolled around, and David took charge of his own life, he was 29 years old. Now enjoying a fantastic life in New York at 39 years of age, David is compensating for the lost 29 years. With New York’s social scene always on a roll, David meets people of all interests. When his girlfriend introduces him to her friend Sharon’s boyfriend Lucien, David is intrigued. With his striking features, charisma, and his go-with-the-flow attitude, David and Lucien strike an unremark-able friendship. With Lucien, David peaks into the lives of the elites of New York, with their summer houses, clubs, and traveling. When Luc-ien takes a break from Sharon to visit his other girlfriend in Istanbul, little does David know that this trip would be a whirlwind of clubbing, exotic beaches, and exotic women. With such a strong bond now well established, David falls for the enticing ways of Sharon. Read on as Da-vid has to make a choice: the irritating, yet sexually appeasing, Sharon or the friendship of Lucien. Wynn has given extra thought to the characters of David and Lucien, and the book comes to life with their casual banter. The elaborate de-scriptions of Istanbul, and all the hotspots mentioned in New York and Turkey, make this novel as close to non-fiction as could be possible. This novel is recommended for those who want to read an interesting novel on the virtue of friendship interlaced with wanderlust.